Customizing a Homebuilder’s Online Presence

Winter Homes, a custom homebuilder in Athens, Alabama, needed to bring their online presence up to par with the houses it builds.
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Winter Homes has been a custom home builder in Athens, Alabama, for more than two decades. They build incredibly stylish and modern custom homes. People passing by a house they’ve built can identify it as a “Winter Home.”

There was just one thing missing from their company makeup: an online presence. 

With so many big businesses and government agencies moving into North Alabama, we knew population growth was imminent. In today’s time, nearly everything happens online. And there was no doubt that the future citizens of North Alabama would be doing their research on homebuilders and where to live.

A recently completed custom home.

Our Approach

To help create early demand for the housing market, as well as get a jump start on the competition, we used social media advertising to place ads in other markets around the country where people would be moving from. We did this by introducing Winter Homes’ products and capabilities through stunning photography and video. We also created and distributed content from the blog to shed more light on Athens and why someone may choose to live here.

Lastly, we launched a Housing Market Series of videos, which we film in a local studio, to update prospective homeowners on the market in North Alabama.

A short commercial we produced for Winter Homes.

The Results

Since we began working with Winter Homes, website traffic has increased year over year by an average of 47% with average on-site sessions of two and a half minutes and a bounce rate below 50%. Their social media presence has grown significantly thanks to visual content creation and regular distribution.

Our SEO and blog efforts have given us the ability to rank for a variety of keywords around “custom home builders” and “athens alabama.” It has also helped increase overall organic traffic by 60%. In fact, if you Google “living in athens alabama” you’ll find Winter Homes on the first page thanks to a blog we wrote titled “One of the Best Places to Live in Alabama: Athens.”

The digital ads we’ve placed both locally and nationally have helped drive 25% of overall traffic to the website. And the Housing Market Series videos, which we’ve used across Google and social media, have garnered thousands of views.

The Housing Market Series we produce. Athens, Alabama.

A custom home interior. Athens, Alabama.

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