A Marketing Campaign for Land Developers

Elkmont Developers approached us to create a marketing campaign to help them sell a tract of land in Elkmont, Alabama.
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Over a one-month span.
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Elkmont Developers approached us to create a marketing campaign for a tract of land they bought and developed in Elkmont, Alabama, just north of Athens. They named their development Hays Mill Farm. Their team saw an opportunity to reach more potential buyers in a wider range of geographical locations by marketing the property digitally.

Short video we produced for Elkmont Developers. 

Our Approach

We knew content would be key to educating potential consumers about the benefits of living in a more “rural” setting like Elkmont and on much larger lots (between 5-20 acres each). So, over the span of two months, we built a website, produced a brand video, and placed ads locally, on social media, Google, and with third-party real estate websites like Land.com and Land Search.

This marketing campaign for land developers drove a lot of traffic in a short time period to their website.

Hays Mill Farm. Elkmont, Alabama.

The Results

From the website’s launch on August 22 to the day of the auction on September 14, we drove 2,500 users to the website with an average session duration of three minutes. During that same time span, the brand video received 4,100 views on YouTube, 2,300 views as an organic Facebook post, and nearly 27k views reaching 47k people as a Facebook ad. The majority of their online traffic came from the focus areas of Alabama, Georgia, Texas, Tennessee, Illinois, Florida, and North Carolina though there was traffic from 45 states.

Belle Chevre. Elkmont, Alabama.

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