Email Marketing & an E-Commerce Decoy Company

Montana Decoy had the goal of increasing customer retention while encouraging customers to spend more time on their website.
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Our strategy with hunting decoy company Montana Decoy has always been content focused. From telling stories through blogs and social media, we knew that quality content was the main source of their engaged leads. 

That’s why we really started focusing on their most devoted audience: those who signed up for Montana Decoy’s email. Email marketing is important because those who are signed up to receive email are already interested in what you have to say.

Wiley Tom 3D Decoy

Wiley Tom 3D — a Montana Decoy turkey decoy.

Our Approach

We used storytelling through content creation to showcase who Montana Decoy is as a brand. With social media and blogs already performing well, we knew it was time to increase our efforts with email marketing in order to keep customers engaged and interested. 

Our first step was creating a new email template, one that was lighter in color scheme and easier on the eyes. We wanted to build something that was enjoyable to interact with — a visual design that would make customers excited about the next email because they feel involved with the brand and want to find out what’s new — from a content and product perspective.

Email Template

A portion of the new email template we created for Montana Decoy. The lighter color scheme is more inviting and modern, making it easier to consume content.

Over time, email content really started syncing up with the quality of what we were already distributing on social media for Montana Decoy, increasing engagement both with the emails (open rate, click through) and the website (time spent on the site, pages viewed, revenue). 

We also began filming a series of videos showcasing and demonstrating various decoys, building on the visual style we incorporate with email.

A decoy setup video we produced for Montana Decoy.

The Results

Since our email focus shifted, it has played a huge part in quality traffic. After viewing and clicking on an email, users spent an average of 1’ 26” on the website, while visiting an average of 3.24 pages a session. Year over year (YOY), pages per session is up 77% and bounce rate is down 28%. The email channel has been one of Montana Decoy’s highest conversion rates.

Furthermore, to entice potential customers to sign up for email, we created a welcome email and a discount code for first-time purchases. This code has been used a total of 273 times. 

Content across the board has increased engagement and reach for Montana Decoy. Social media has also seen improvements with Instagram reach up 23% YOY. Paid search accumulates 31% of total revenue, which is up 16% YOY, and produces a 6:1 return on investment (ROI).

Sitting Coyote Decoy in the grass

Sitting Coyote — a Montana Decoy predator decoy.

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